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National Archives - Historic Photos

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0001Citadel-Gozo – aerial view.
0002Citadel-Gozo – North enciente.
0003Citadel-Gozo – St Martin’s Cavalier, internal staircase.
0004Citadel-Gozo – Casa Bondì.
0005Citadel-Gozo – Triq Bieb l-Imdina.
0006Citadel-Gozo – The Law Courts.
0007Citadel-Gozo – Triq Bieb l-Imdina.
0008Citadel-Gozo – The Law Courts.
0009Citadel-Gozo – Triq il-Fosos.
0010Citadel-Gozo – Triq il-Kwartier San Martin.
0011Citadel-Gozo – St Joseph Chapel.
0012Citadel-Gozo – Triq Bernardo DeOpuo.
0013Citadel-Gozo – Triq Bernardo DeOpuo.
0014Citadel-Gozo – St Michael Bastion.
0015Citadel-Gozo – Triq Bernardo DeOpuo.
0016Citadel-Gozo – Old Clock Tower.
0017Citadel-Gozo – Putti, Triq il-Fosos.
0018Citadel-Gozo – Coat-of-arms. St John Cavalier.
0019Citadel-Gozo – Old Clock Tower.
0020Citadel-Gozo – Triq Bernardo DeOpuo.

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St.Francis Square
Victoria,Gozo - Malta
VCT 1335
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22156400 / 21561482