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Cultural Events Fund

Read the Ministry for Gozo Cultural Events Fund Guidelines for Prospective Applicants 

The following document is to be downloaded, filled in and uploaded within the respective field of the application form underneath:

Event Details

Project description (including aims, objectives and cultural value):*   
Select a date from the calendar.
Select a date from the calendar.

Organisation details

Brief description of the Organisation:*   

Contact person who will represent the organisation about this request

Note: The person will have signing authority, be authorised to receive funds on behalf of the organisation and will answer any questions, present necessary documents and be the main contact person for MGOZ about this request for funding.

Budget/Funding information

Breakdown of the budget (include a detailed breakdown of projected expenses and income):*   
Note: If Yes, include the potential amount of alternative fund sourcing in the breakdown of the budget (above).

Additional Event details

Declaration and Disclosure

Declaration and Disclosure:*   
Note: Download, print, fill in and upload the document named Declaration and Disclosure found at the top of this page.