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Scheme for the lighting of external facades of churches in Gozo

The Ministry for Gozo is launching a scheme to assist Local Parish Churches in Gozo in installing new lighting or upgrading existing lighting on external facades, cupolas and/or bell towers of the parish church.


While EcoGozo recognizes the need to illuminate facades, cupolas and/or bell towers of parish churches, it advocates that any required lighting be used wisely. To minimize the harmful effects of light pollution, this scheme will ensure and enforce that lighting is:

  • only on when needed;
  • where it is reasonably possible, lighting is to be fully shielded (pointing downward).
  • the colour temperatures shall not exceed 3000K to reduce the amount of scatter by aerosols in the atmosphere;
  • the lighting proposal shall be designed to highlight specific features of the building rather than flooding the entire building;
  • the lighting used shall be very subtle and sensitive to the surroundings;
  • the lighting proposal shall preferably consist of a larger number of strategically located, low power luminaires, rather than a few high-power ones. In this manner, the luminaires can be directed towards particular features of the building, rather than floodlighting, thereby minimising light spillage, light trespass, and light pollution;
  • the façade should preferably be illuminated from nearby buildings or lighting columns using narrow beam luminaries fitted with anti- glare shields or baffles;
  • the lighting proposal should include a control system to allow manual and automatic switching and dimming of each individual luminaire separately. This will allow for control of various pre-programmed lighting scenes in order to minimize energy consumption and light pollution;
  • the lighting proposal shall generally conform to the requirements of the ERA Guidelines for the Reduction of Light Pollution in the Maltese Islands.


These will be the guiding principles behind this scheme. The Scheme shall be administered by the EcoGozo Directorate, which office shall be solely responsible for administering the scheme. Project proposals, to be presented by Parish Churches, shall be evaluated by a Selection Committee set up by the Ministry for Gozo. The Parish Church (management) will assume the sole responsibility for the installation of the new lighting or the upgrading of existing lighting on external facades from inception till project completion.


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Proposal - A document that describes the project in detail supported by diagrams and images where necessary:*   

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