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eResidence Unit

EXPATRIATES GOZO – eResidence Unit Gozo

eResidence Unit is involved in the processing and issuing of residence documentation. This involves the implementation of the provisions of national legislation with regards to the EU nationals’ freedom of movement and other regulations concerning third-country nationals residence documentation.

EU nationals exercising their Treaty Rights in Malta are granted a registration certificate that reflects their immigration position in Malta. Third country nationals are issued with a permit which authorizes them to legally reside in Malta and gives them the mobility to freely travel without a visa within the Schengen Area and cross its external border. 

 EU Nationals

 EU, EEA and Swiss Nationals, who have either been in Malta for three months and have not yet registered their residence or who need to renew their residence document should send their request via email on Subsequently one would be required to personally visit our office by appointment in order to capture the required biometric features.

Applications available for EU Nationals are:

  • Employment/Self-employment; 
  • Study; 
  • Economic self-sufficiency; 
  • Family members 
  • Permanent Residence
  • Exempt
  • Change address/Lost Id card

 Follow the hereunder URL on Identity Malta website for more information: 

Third Country Nationals

 The residence permit, in card format containing biometric features, grants third country nationals the right to legally reside in Malta.

 Application for a residence permit by all third country nationals who may fall under one of the categories listed here under are to submit their application online by clicking on the following link:

  1.  Study
  2. Permanent Residence Scheme
  3. Economically self-Sufficient
  4. Change Address/Lost ID
  5. Temporary:

  • Partners
  • Health Purposes
  • Religious Purposes
  • Victims of Human Trafficking
  • Voluntary Workers
  • Working Holiday
  • Posted Workers

 For the following applications you are kindly requested to send us an email on to be guided accordingly:

  •       Family member
  •        Long Term Residence
  •        Exempt *

 * Non-EU applicants applying for the purpose of Exempt Person Status are subject to an interview. Appointments for interviews are to be submitted by email on

 For all above applications one would subsequently be required to personally visit our office by appointment to capture the required biometric features.

 Follow the hereunder URL on Identity Malta website for further information

 Single Work Permit

The single permit authorizes third-country nationals to legally reside and take up employment in Malta for a defined period, which may be further renewed. In accordance with Subsidiary Legislation 217.17, third-country nationals may apply whilst they are either still-abroad or legally staying in Maltese territory.

 Applications for a residence permit must be endorsed by the employer and the permit would cease to apply if the applicant would no longer remain in the specified employment. The portal from which applications must be submitted is linked here

 Request for a Change of address or lost card for applicants under SWP must be submitted through the online portal as well. This can be submitted either by the applicant, by logging in through the personal Eid, or by the employer.


As regards Single Work Permit applications kindly follow the hereby link on identity Malta Homepage for necessary guidelines.

 British Nationals

The 30 June 2021 marked the deadline for the submission of applications for a residence document under the EU/UK Withdrawal Agreement from all eligible UK nationals, that is, those persons who had taken up residence in Malta by the 31 December 2020.

As stipulated in the said Agreement, exceptional requests which will be submitted after the deadline, will only be admissible if there is clear evidence and reasonable grounds for the failure to respect the said deadline. These will be assessed by Identity Malta Agency on an individual basis and dependent upon the circumstances which led to the late submission. Requests should be sent on

Applicants who already have their card under the Brexit/Withdrawal agreement and who need to submit a change of address or declare Lost Residence card are kindly requested to send their request on

 Humanitarian Applications

The granting of Refugee Status and Subsidiary Protection is within the purview of the International Protection Agency. Following the issue of the humanitarian protection certificate, eResidence Unit processes the application for a residence permit accordingly.

These applications must be submitted in person at Identity Malta Agency’s Hal-Far office against an appointment. Kindly send an email on

For further information and necessary guidelines kindly access Identity Malta homepage on

Public Office Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 12:30

Contact Details

Telephone: 2215 6123


Kindly note that the eResidence Unit is situated in the central courtyard of the Ministry for Gozo. One can access the office either from St Francis Square (the entrance to the right when you look to the Ministry) or from the reception area at Enrico Mizzi Street. It is advisable to contact this office beforehand through the above listed emails. Applicants with appointments are given priority.



Contact Information:

 eResidence Unit
St. Francis Square
Victoria, Gozo - Malta
VCT 1335