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Land Registration Agency

​The ultimate aim of the Land Registry is the registration of all properties in Malta and Gozo and therefore its primary task is to compile a "property log book".  


  • Sale of Land Registry Plans - These plans accompany Land Registry applications. When our clients call at the Registry to obtain such a plan they would only need to know the location of the property concerned.
  • Search on Property - Clients are entitled to obtain all the information available on the Register pertaining to a particular property. The following documents are required: 1. Form E in duplicate. 2. Land Registry Plan showing the property marked out as specified in the rules. The original plan and copy thereof should be submitted. 3. Detailed plan where necessary. 
  • Registration of Property - Transfers of property falling within registration areas must be registered by Notaries Public at the Land Registry within fifteen days of the transfer. This applies to both first time registrations and any subsequent registration where the property was already registered. Voluntary registration is also accepted as long as the property falls within registration areas. ​The following documents are required: 1. Form A (in duplicate). 2. An authenticated copy of the document being used as basis of applicant's title. 3. Original Land Registry plan.​ For Dealings and Part Dealings you also need: 1. Copy of plan attached to previous registration (if property was already registered). The property is to be marked out in red and authenticated and signed by the Notary. 2. Where only part of the property is being transferred (part dealing) a new Land Registry Plan is to be submitted. Detailed plans must also be submitted where necessary (e.g. in common parts involved). 3. Form E containing the necessary permission to transfer the property. 
  • The Caution - Lands - The Land Registration Act provides for cautions against First Registrations and cautions against dealings in property. The caution is an objection to registration and can be lodged by the person who claims or pretends to have a right or interest in the property. The following documents are required: 1. Form D (in duplicate). 2. An affidavit spelling out the reason/s for the objection. 3. Land Registry Plan showing the contested property.
  • Certification of Title - The Certificate of title includes all the information available on the Register about a particular property, ie. the description of the property, the owner/s, share, the basis of the application (eg. contract, succession, etc.), the type of ownership (eg. freehold, temporary or perpetual emphyteusis, etc.), any debts and the plan of the property. It also includes the property number, an eight digit number which is unique to each particular property and a reference to the Land Registry applications submitted.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 2:00pm

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Contact Information:

 Land Registry
By the Bastion Road
Victoria, Gozo - Malta