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Expression of Interest

​​It is the responsibility of the bidder to periodically access this page for clarifications related to a specific Expression of Interest. 

EcoGozo Regional Development​​
Ref No​ MGOZ  EOI 01/2016

Expression of Interest for the Supply and Delivery of Books of Biographies and Autobiographies of Maltese personalities and other personalities connected with Malta. EGRD 4/2016

10.00am of Tuesday 12th April, 2016


Fee Nil


Ref No​ MGOZ Q 64/2014

Provision of Legal Services.
Confirm Interest by Noon Wednesday 6th May 2015

Sejħa għal Espressjoni ta’ Interess – Servizzi Legali
Uri l-Interess tiegħek sa nofsinhar, l-Erbgħa 6 ta’ Mejju 2015

Closing Date
Data ta’ l-Għeluq
Noon, Friday 8th May, 2015
Nofsinhar il-Ġimgħa 8 ta’ Mejju 2015
EOI document​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​
Fee Nil


Directorate Corporate Services
Ref No​ MGOZ Q 64/2014
Subject Call for services for the production of Twelve (12) Audio-Visuals 
Closing Date 10.00 a.m. Friday 16th January, 2015

Fee Nil

Question 1
What language is to be used for the production

Each production shall be both in Maltese and English

Question 2
Will subtitles be required, and in which language?
If so: Will text for subtitles be provided in the required language?

Subtitles will be required in English. Text for subtitles shall be produced as per article 1.3 of the Instructions to bidders.

Question 3
On what devises/units/screens will the production be displayed?

Productions will be displayed on 32 inch screens

Question 4
Due to the possibility of use of actors/extras, is there a specific budget for this production?

The bidders have to indicate in their offer the allowance for the use of extras.

Directorate Office of the CIO
Ref No​ OCIO-EOI01/14
Subject Expression of Interest - Free Wi-Fi on board the Gozo Channel Ferries and within the Terminals 
Closing Date 10.00am of Friday 11th April 2014
EOI document​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​
Fee Nil
Clarification No.1 
Question             –             Is it possible to submit more than 1 quote / option?
Answers              –             Bidders are allowed to submit more than one option.
Clarification No.2
Question             –             What marine specification is required?​
Answers              –             With reference to marine outdoor equipment certification we understand that the equipment should be certified to work in a marine environment i.e. in salt water conditions. Item should have a high IP rating. Ideally the equipment should be certified by a marine certification authority such as DNV, Lyods, BV….  All JBs, penetrations and cables leading to this equipment should also be marine certified.​
Clarification No.3
Question            –        When is the Site Survey going to be held?
Answers             –         The Site Survey will be held next Tuesday 1st April 2014 at 09.30AM. Meeting point will be at the Cirkewwa Terminal. As per Point 6.8 - Bidders are advised to send an e-mail on by deadline specified in the table in Section 7 EOI timeframes if they wish to make a physical inspection of the site/s. Upon such request, the Ministry for Gozo will schedule a time for the visit, and may establish any procedures and conditions for the potential bidders to conduct such a site visit. Details of the site visit will be communicated to interested parties via email.  Email Deadline for Site Visit is Thursday 27th March 2014 at 11.30a.m. 

Clarification No.4
Question             –      We believe that the time provided to come up with a solution to the standards required is very tight.  For such reason, may we ask you for an extension on the “Deadline for submissions of EOI”
Answers              –        We do not see the need for extending the deadline for submission of EOI.​

Clarification No.5

 Clarifiation No.6


Question            –        What are the current WIFI Channels being used at Mgarr Marshalling Area?

Answers             –        The Channels that are being used are  Channel 1 – 2.412GHz, Channel 3 – 2.422 GHz  and Channel 5 – 2.432GHz. ​