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Mission Statement

The creation of sustainable, good quality and productive jobs in Gozo through the creation of a conducive socio-economic environment while at the same time protecting the inherent and distinctive natural features that distinguish the Island.


  • To create the right environment for the attraction of productive investment to Gozo through special incentives including start-up tax credits to new business;
  • To work with all stakeholders for the creation of sustainable employment growth by offering fiscal incentives to business for the creation of jobs in Gozo including a refund on wages for every new job created;
  • To promote Gozo’s potential as a back-office work location through the continuous modernization of the public sector and telecommunication service;
  • To build a cruise liner facility which will help to attract tourists to Gozo;
  • To launch cheaper ticket schemes for travelling between Malta and Gozo;
  • To help turn Gozo into a year- long tourist destination;
  • To improve the Island physical infrastructure and to ensure a highly efficient and reliable inter-island transport system in order to minimize as possible the adverse effects of double insularity;
  • To continue with research and with a feasibility study for a permanent link between Malta and Gozo;
  • To introduce a viable helicopter service as well as a rapid sea service between the Islands;
  • To offer full support and collaboration to central authorities in the delivery of educational and health services;
  • To create the right and adequate infrastructural support to cater for Gozo’s ageing population.​


 Contact Name
Ministry for Gozo
St. Francis Square
Victoria, Gozo - Malta
VCT 1335