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Construction and Maintenance Section

​This section is responsible for providing construction and maintenance services to the general public, non-governmental organizations and other Government entities and directorates. 

The workers of this section are responsible for the building of new pavements as well as ramps to facilitate access for people with disabilities in localities around Gozo. In addition, the section also takes care of repairs, maintenance and patching work and concrete work on various roads around Gozo. Cleaning, maintenance, construction work is also carried out on the beaches of Gozo and extensive maintenance on public convenience. Roads in the countryside are given priority to provide proper access for farmers. In addition, during the year several roads in the countryside around Gozo are paved with concrete.

Throughout the year, section workers carry out construction work on retaining and rebuilding damaged walls in fields and roads in various areas. Moreover, the rubble walls are rebuilt as much as possible with the same stones in order to preserve their characteristics. 

Other works consist of plastering, painting, membrane work and general maintenance in various Government offices. Furthermore, during the year groups of workers take care of delivering and distributing the construction material in various workplaces and in other localities requested by the Local Councils or other entities.

Opening Hours:

1st October to 15 June:

Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 15:00 

16th June to 30th September

Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 13.00​

Contact Information:

 Maintenance and Restoration Directorate​
St. Francis Square
Victoria, Gozo - Malta
VCT 1335