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With BIOBLU, the Sicilian and Maltese universities, in support of the site managers, intend to make their own innovative contribution to the removal of waste from the beaches and to the knowledge of the state of impact of microplastics on the trophic chain. Beaches will be cleaned using an innovative fully automatic kit based on a deep learning process which will recognize waste remotely, allow it to be collected in a robotic way and facilitate its disposal in differentiated compactors. The remote vision system will also allow us to check the trend of the coastal currents; in addition to allowing a better understanding of the dynamics of plastics, it will support the analysis of the different planktonic, benthic and nektonic species, to understand the degree of pollution of the different levels of the trophic chain and above all to try to trace their origin.

Lead Partner

University of Messina


Ministry for Gozo

University of Catania

Milazzo Local Council

University of Malta

Total Project Budget - € 166,300.44

Ministry for Gozo Budget - € 274,500.00


1st November 2020 until 31st October 2022


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