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Application for the use of public open spaces at the Cittadella – Gozo

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Select a date from the calendar.

Disclaimer:The Ministry for Gozo (MGOZ) invites organisers/organisations who would like to organise an activity or cultural event within the Cittadella open spaces to express their interest and present a brief proposal by filling in the e-form above. The proposals/application will be evaluated and replied to within ten working days. Space will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis after due consideration of the event proposed and are subject to the general conditions (underneath). The MGOZ reserves the right to refuse a proposal or to postpone an event, due to unforeseen requirements of the public open space involved and in which case MGOZ will not be in any way liable for any damages or losses whatsoever that may be suffered.

General Conditions:

  • The Cittadella is a historic site which is a Scheduled Class A site. All activities proposed should respect the place and be in consonance with it. Before any permission is granted, full details of the event have to be discussed and agreed upon with the officer in charge at the Cittadella Administration Office. This office may refuse permission for any event if it is felt that the event is not in consonance with the use of the site.
  • The event organiser is responsible and will pay for any damages that may be caused to the place including the pavements and/or soil areas during the event, its preparation and dismantling.
  • No holes shall be dug for the purpose of fixing poles.
  • No fireworks or fires of any kind may be lit.
  • Nothing may be fixed or attached to walls. All temporary structures should stand alone.
  • Any equipment used is to be transported inside the Cittadella by hand.
  • The event organiser will be responsible to provide extra bins and must leave the place in a clean state after the event. If this is not done, MGOZ will carry out the necessary work at the organiser’s expense.
  • Any sound equipment shall be placed facing away from residences and caution should be taken to keep sound levels to an acceptable level.
  • The organizer binds himself not to cause any disruptions to functions in the Cathedral Church, proceedings in the Law Courts or causing any nuisance to residents or visitors to the Cittadella.
  • The organizer should maintain free access to all areas by visitors to Cittadella and shall not impede anyone from accessing any part open to the public within Cittadella.
  • Materials and/or goods brought at the place for the event will be the sole responsibility of the organiser and should be removed from site as soon as possible and definitely not later than 8 hours after the event is over.
  • The event organiser will be responsible to obtain the services of police/security officers for purpose of protecting the organiser’s own belongings.
  • MGOZ reserves the right to change these conditions at any time before the event being organised with due notice to the organiser.
  • The organizer shall be responsible to obtain all other permissions required by law for the carrying out of outside activities.

Notes on Calendar: Colour codes represent different venues. Only dates that are free from colour codes reflect the availability of the respective open space.

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