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Restoration Works Scheme for Gozitan Local Councils

Restoration Works Scheme for Gozitan Local Councils Guidance Notes​​​

The forms listed underneath are to be downloaded, filled in and attached within the respective fields of the eForm underneath

  1. Section 2 (iii, v, vi) and Section 3
  2. Section 4 - Declarations​​

Please fill in all relevant sections of this application. It is compulsory to annex ALL documents requested in the check list.

Please consult the Guidelines for Applicants to find all the information you need to fill in this application form.


Contact Person



(i) Location


Site Plan
Site plans should be uploaded as PDF/DWG or DXF files:

(ii) Typology

(iv) Planning Authority Scheduling/Zoning

Scheduled buildings/monuments are listed in
Urban Conservation Areas are listed/identified in the Local Plans (PA)

SECTION 2 (iii, v, vi) & SECTION 3

Please upload document:*   
Photos: Please upload four (4) photographs, taken from different angles, to document the present state of conservation of the building/monument and of areas/details posing particular concern are to be submitted with this application. Photographs must show both the general, overall appearance of the building/monument and any relevant details
Photo 1:*   
Photo 2:*   
Photo 3:*   
Photo 4:*   


Please upload signed document:*   


Please upload any other relevant document (if any):

Disclaimer: All Gozitan Local Councils are invited to complete this online submission. Applications can be submitted by noon of Friday 1st December 2017. In filling this Application form, reference is to be made to the accompanying Guidance Notes. All Sections of this Application Form must be duly filled in and all requested supporting documentation, or any other documentation deemed relevant by the applicant, must be included with the application on submission. Any requests for clarifications can be sent via e-mail on by Thursday 23rd November 2017. If any misleading, incorrect or outdated information is submitted, the application shall automatically be deemed null.

Applications received will be assessed by a Selection Committee appointed by the Ministry for Gozo. The Selection Committee reserves the right to seek further clarifications when not completely satisfied with the information being submitted. The Selection Committee retains the right to accept or reject any or all applications. The number of projects accepted for funding will be determined according to funds available and strictly according to the ranking order. The decision taken by the Ministry for Gozo in this process shall be final.